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Raising grades in courses or course components

Raising a grade is when a student is re-examined again in courses or course components, despite having already passed. The intention is to achieve a higher grade.

Read more about raising grades for courses or course components in KTH's regulations, see KTH's regulation for Course grades .

Application for raising a grade

Students are to apply for grade raising via the student service desk's web form,

Administrator at student service desk contacts the examiner to make sure that the raising of grade is approved.

Registration of grade 

Send an email to if you would like to register a new grade for a student who has raised a grade for an examination. The School's Office of Student Affairs will delete the final grade in Ladok and make sure that the new grade is registered in Ladok, and notifies the examiner when the new grade can be certified. Please note that the grading date will not be changed in case of a grade raising.