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Examination procedure

Here you can find all information regarding examination and what you are expected as a teacher to do before, during and after an examination. One condition for the planning of an examination is that a correct schedule documentation has been submitted into Kopps and that the examination complies with the applicable course syllabus.

Before examination

Check the schedule

Check that the examination is present in the course schedule. Please note that old course codes also need to be scheduled if an examination should be offered. If an examination needs to be changed in date/time, added or cancelled after the schedule has been published, you need to contact, with a copy to

Upload the examination

Upload the examination as a PDF-file in the KTH Box folder you have been assigned, three working days before the exam at the latest. If you don’t have access to such a folder, please contact Remember to include information on the examination regarding which aids are permitted and any special rules over and above the ones that generally apply to examinations, see KTH's regulations Instruction regarding examination rules at KTH .

Registration for examination

Students register for examinations via their personal menu. As a teacher, you should remind the students that it is mandatory to register for an examination before registration is closed. If the students have problems registering, please direct them to, within the registration period for the exam, the student service support via web forms found at The forms are also to be used for students who want to take an extra examination for a higher grade. Late registrations will not be handled. 

Students with disabilities

The GA group at EECS has, in consultation with the school's Directors of Studies, decided that we will deal with the issue of adapted examinations for students with disabilities by approving support measures under code R and P in general. This means that an active decision by the examiner will only be required if a recommended support measure under code P cannot be granted. According to instructions from central KTH this decision must be stated in a formal decision. A form for this and a list of specified support measures under code R and P are available on KTH´s intranet (Swedish): Hantera stödinsatser vid examination av studenter med funktionsnedsättning .

The exam administrators will be aware of any Funka-students when the students register for an examination.

Examination on another location

If a student wishes to write an examination on another location this must first be approved by examiner. Students that want to write on another location shall contact the student service support via web forms found at with their request in duly time before the examination. The exam administrators at the School's Office of Student Affairs will try to meet these requirements. It is the student's responsibility to provide information on a contact person at the requested university.

During examination

Sometimes, rooms specified in the schedule are not the rooms that are eventually used for the examination. You can see the rooms in TimeEdit. For examinations in Kista it is also possible to check the schedule on the screen outside the service center.

As responsible teacher you should visit the examination rooms and where applicable, group rooms, in order to answer questions and check for pocket calculators, books and similar. Be prepared to show your ID to the invigilator. The teacher must be available via telephone during the examination. This means that if you cannot be reached on your work telephone, you should provide an alternative telephone number to the examination administrators on which you can be reached.

Remember that students with special needs may have been provided longer time to write their exam than scheduled, and can therefore start or finish two, to two and a half hours, before or after the normal time for the examination. For examinations at Q and Borggården this information is sent out by the Funka-coordinators. Contact if you have questions. For examinations in Kista the teacher should find for how long the group rooms have been reserved for the examination and make one or several extra visits to rooms, out of the normal examination time. You can get this information from

After examination

After examination, the examination administrator gathers all the examinations and scans them. After the first scanning, the examinations can be collected from the nearest service center by the teacher for marking. You will receive an e-mail when the exminations are available for collection.

Once the examinations have been marked, they should be returned to the nearest service center for a second scanning. Please remove the plastic covers that have been removed from the examinations and attach them separately. The grades should be registered within 15 working days. 

In the event of suspected cheating, the exam administrators send a copy of the report and the material concerned by the allegation to you as a course co-ordinator/examiner, which you then forward to the disciplinary board. Please also see Drafting of report KTH's intranet .