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Development dialogue – cooperation between manager and employee

According to KTH´s cooperative agreement all employees at KTH has the right to development dialogues with their immediate manager at least once a year. The development dialogue gives the employee together with the manager a possibility to discuss their work effort and gain understanding for its part in a greater context. 

The development dialogue is a well prepared structured discussion for both employee and manager to in accordance come up with an individual action and development plan for the employee. The plan works as a support to achieve the organization´s goals, both KTH general and work place specific visions. The employee and manager can in cooperation develop and improve work efforts and processes. All employees therefor have a chance to influence both their own and their unit’s progress.

Manger and employee should use the questionnaire here as a common preparatory document before the development dialogue.

Guide and questionnaire in preperation for development dialogue (docx 62 kB)

The development dialogue shall be documented in writing. Here you may find a template for the dialogue documentation.

Documentation of development dialogue

As a manager, you should also prepare for the employee interview. Below is a guide that can be used.

Guide for managers

Why do we need to have development dialogues?

The purpose of the dialogue is to create a clear definition about:

  • Organizational goals
  • The employees work tasks
  • The competence needs for the employee and the organization
  • The expectation from both employee and manager

Benefits for the manager:

  • Gaining knowledge about the employees performance and situation
  • Information for development and planning
  • A complete picture of the work groups´competence and capacity
  • Comments on how the managers leadership skills is percieved

Benefits for the employee:

  • Can leave comments on their own work
  • Make wishes regarding their own development
  • Discuss cooperation and relationship with the manager
  • Get comments from the manager regarding their work
  • In accordance with the manager set personal goals for their continued work

Benefts for all:

  • Unite the organization´s goals with the employee´s
  • Check the employee´s competence
  • Check that previous set goals has been achieved
  • Create an individual action- and development plan
  • Discuss health and health promoting activities