Work environment

The EECS School should be an attractive employer with a welcoming and including working environment in which the employees thrive. Preventive work, systematics and efficiency should permeate the management of the School's work environment issues. Transparency regarding work environment efforts is important and the Head of School has through the School's delegation and rules of procedure delegated responsibility for staff and work environment to the Heads of Divisions.

Work environment group

A work environment group consisting of operational representatives has been appointed to work with the School's systematic work environment and to be a preparatory body for the Head of School in the field of work environment. The work environment group reports to the school management and supports the Heads of Divisions in work environment issues.

You can find contact information to the work environment group here .

Work environment plan

The annual work environment plan is the basis for the school's work on the topic. The 2019 plan together with the Head of School's special priority areas can be found here (in Swedish) .

The school's safety representatives

You can find contact information to the safety representatives here .

For more information on how KTH handles the topic of work environment you can visit the central website . There you can also find contact information for our occupational health care, information about employee survey, health checks and rehabilitation.