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Ergonomics and work/VDU glasses

Your workplace is a big part of your work day. To ensure that you as an employee have a workplace that promotes your health and everyday life, you can get help with work glasses (VDU) and ergonomic tips.

Ergonomics inspection

KTH:s occupational health care services, Avonova, offers:

  • Ergonomics safety inspections at the individual and group level as well as lecture in ergonomics.
  • Measurement and advice of indoor climates, such as: ventilation, air, noise and lighting.
  • Be consultative in matters concering rooms/offices and in rebuilding or new construction.

Contact at EECS for booking an ergonomics inspection:

VDU glasses

At EECS, you as an employee send in your request to get work glasses to your divison's HR contact . Request documents and more information on how to proceed can be found on KTH's central pages . On the same pages you will also find a link to information about ergonomics in the workplace.