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Goods and services must be purchased through contracted suppliers and paid via invoice. If you still make a purchase on KTH's behalf, here is how you apply for compensation in KTH-RES

If you have had an expense for which you are to claim reimbursement, follow the guidelines set out on KTH's central expenses page .

Original receipts should always be attached to the expense report you print from KTH-res. Under the heading "Travel Expense Specifications" on the EECS page for business trips , you will find the address to where you should send the expense report and original receipts.


Compensation for expenses for membership will be taxed as a benefit. This also applies when the membership is work-related and when a membership means lower conference fees. Only if the membership applies to a group or division is it free of benefit taxation.

Pay accommodation for guest researchers

The basic principle is that work is compensated through salary. In cases where you want to pay the rent for someone who is not employed, this should always be preceded by a SINK application with the Swedish Tax Agency. The SINK application must be made in all cases where the school pays for the accommodation, even for those who only stay a night or two. It is the Swedish Tax Agency that decides whether someone is liable to tax or not. It is only the company signatory who, under the delegation order, have the right to sign rental agreements for guest researchers. As a rule, the Head of School is a company signer. These agreements may not exceed 6 months. If an individual wants a housing solution that exceeds 6 months, the individual needs to solve this on their own.