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ERC funding within Horizon 2020

Below you will find information on how to apply for ERC funding and the support given by KTH Research Support Office (RSO).

The European Research Council, ERC , finances groundbreaking research within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

Funding instruments

ERC funds both young and established researchers within all areas of research through a number of funding instruments:

Read more about respective instrument on the ERC home page .

Calls for proposals and applications

ERC calls for proposals are published on the EU portal for Funding and Tender opportunities.

Please read carefully the ERC Work Programme and the Guide for Applicants for the relevant call when preparing your project proposal. The application consists of several mandatory parts ( Part A, Part B and additional documents) to be completed and submitted online via the webpage of the call.

When you start the registration of your online application, provide the KTH PIC number 999990946 and the requested official KTH data will be generated automatically.

Part A consists of a number of web forms:

1. General information about the project application.
2. Contact details for KTH (Host Institution) and the project leader (Principal Investigator). In the form “Contact address of the Host Institution and contact person” state Jeanna Ayoubi  (EU-Grants Officer at KTH Research Support Office) as administrative contact person for the Host Institution.
3. Budget – estimated costs and description of resources needed for the proposed project. The costs should be calculated using KTH budget template for H2020 projects. Contact your local financial administrator for support.
4. Ethics - a number of questions on ethical issues relevant for your proposal. An ethics self-assessment might be required. Find more information at EC's online funding guide pages on ethics
5. Call specific questions, such as confirmation of PI´s eligibility, academic training, and data protection issues.

Part B consists of two Word templates ( available in the submission system:

B1 is a short version of the application (“Extended Synopsis” maximum 5 pages) which is assessed in Step 1 (and also in Step 2) when the application is evaluated.

B2 – the complete project description (maximum 15 pages) which is only assessed in Step 2 of the evaluation process.

RSO support for KTH applicants

  • General information meetings are organized every year in connection to publication of the ERC annual work programs
  • Hands-on WS for applicants is held in connection to each call
  • Host Institution support letter from KTH is signed by the head of RSO (see the process description and templates in the next section below)
  • We guide you through the rules and answer your questions. RSO has collected some tips to succeed in respective ERC grant:
  • When time allows, we can assess your application and give general (not research-related) feedback.
  • For StG and CoG: if approved in Step 1, we offer extra support for your interview in Brussels, i.e. training in presentation techniques with a professional coach. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to attend a training meeting organized by VR.
  • Here you can find some useful tips and hints from successful PI’s and reviewers regarding ERC personal interview in Brussels: ERC Interview Guide 170426 RO.pdf (pdf 62 kB)

Support letter

You need to submit a support letter from KTH - “Commitment of the HI” - to your application. The following is therefore required:

1. Complete the relevant template below and send to Jeanna Ayoubi  at RSO:

”Commitment of the HI” for Starting-, Consolidator- or Advanced Grant 2020: KTH Support letter ERC_StG CoG AdG 2020.pdf (pdf 1.3 MB)

”Commitment of the HI” for Proof of Concept 2019: ERC_PoC_KTHsupport_letter_2020.doc (doc 69 kB)

2. For the letter to be signed by RSO it is mandatory that the head of your School sends an e-mail to Jeanna Ayoubi . The e-mail should state that the School supports your application and: a) has adequate resources such as necessary staff and local funds for co-financing the execution and administration of the project; b) can meet any other requirements set by the funding body to support the application and/or the execution of the project.

3. Please note that this information must reach RSO at least one week before deadline in order to secure KTH:s signature.

4. A scanned copy of the signed letter will be sent to you via email and should be uploaded to your application in the submission system.