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ERC grants to KTH

On this page, we list researchers at KTH that have secured funding from Horizon 2020 (2014-2020) and Horizon Europe (2021 to 2027). The year of the call indicate what framework programme it is conneted to.

ERC Advanced Grants

ERC Advanced Grant for established or senior scientists with a track-record of significant research achievements in the last ten years.

Joakim Lundeberg  (CBH), project: TWIGA.

Barbara Noziere  (CBH), EPHEMERAL. Start: 1 April 2021.
Danica Kragic Jensfelt  (EECS), BIRD. Start: 1 September 2020.

Aristides Gionis  (EECS), REBOUND. Start: 1 March 2020.

Sverker Sörlin  (ABE), GLOBEGOV. Start: 1 October 2018.

Lars Berglund  (CBH), WoodNanoTech. Start: 1 September 2017.
Joakim Jaldén  (team member) (EECS), AGNOSTIC. Start: 1 October 2017.
(PI Björn Ottersten at LUX univ. KTH is partner)

Dan Henningson  (SCI), TRANSEP. Started in 1 September 2016.

ERC Consolidator Grants

The ERC Consolidator Grant is available for researchers seven to twelwe years after completed doctoral studies.

Ricardo Vinuesa  (SCI), DEEPCONTROL. Start: 1 April 2022.
Lisa Prahl Wittberg  (SCI), fitsCAN. Start: 1 September 2022.
Tuuli Lappalainen  (CBH), DOSAGE2FUNC. Start: spring 2022.
Madeline Balaam  (EECS), Intimate Touch. Start: 1 September 2022.

Ilaria Testa  (SCI), InSpIRE. Start: 1 January 2022.
Jens Bárðarson  (SCI), LOCFRONT. Start: June 2021.
Maurice Duits  (SCI), PiRaT. Start: 1 March 2022.

Dimos Dimarogonas  (EECS), LEAFHOUND. Start: 1 November 2020
Bob Sturm  (EECS), MUSAiC. Start: October 2020

Per Högselius  (ABE), Nuclearwaters. Start: 1 May 2018
Dejan Kostic  (EECS), ULTRA. Start: 1 June 2018.

Jonatan Lenells  (SCI), BOPNIE. Start: 1 May 2016

ERC Starting Grants

Grant for young researchers, open for application seven years after completed doctoral studies.

Michael Liverts  (SCI), DYNPRESS. Start: 1 September 2022

Ian Hoffecker  (CBH), DNA-Microscopy. Start: 1 May 2021

Outi Tammisola  (SCI), MUCUS. Start: 1 March 2020
Maria Cuartero Botia  (CBH), ConquerIons. Start: 1 January 2020

Mahiar Max Hamedi  (CBH), iMDx. Start: 1 August 2017
Peder Roberts  (ABE), GRETPOL. Start: 1 February 2017.
Danupon Nanongkai  (EECS), DisDyn. Start: 1 February 2017

Jens Bárðarson  (SCI), QUANTMATT. Start: 1: 2017

Ilaria Testa  (SCI), MoNaLISA
Dimos Dimarogonas  (EECS), BUCOPHSYS. Start: 1 March 2015

ERC Proof of Concept

The funding is given to explore the commercial and societal potential of the above-listed main projects. The project durations are 12 to 18 months and receive 150 000 euros.

Joachim Oberhammer  (EECS), project: TERAFILT (2020)
Frank Niklaus  (EECS), project: MaMs3 (2018)
Göran Stemme  (EECS), project: xMEMSDBS (2016)
Gunnar Malm  (team member, PI at TU Wien) (EECS), project: NOVOFLOP (2015)
Frank Niklaus  (EECS), project: MaMs2 (2015)
Johan Hoffman  (EECS), project: ADAPTIVE (2014)
Göran Stemme  (EECS), project: xMEMsRAY (2014)
Mikael Östling  (EECS), project: iPUBLIC (2014)

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