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EU funding

KTH is an active participant in projects funded by the EU's various programmes for research and innovation. EU funding thus constitutes a rather large part of KTH's external research funding. There is fierce competition for the funds from the EU as the EU places high demands on how these are distributed and used in the best way to bring the most significant benefit to society. Therefore, it requires much knowledge about applying for, managing, and administering EU projects.

Entrance at Teknikringen 1 with trees in the foreground. Photo: Olof Holdar

In the subpages, you can find additional information about different EU programmes. There you will also find the requirements to be addressed in a research proposal, contract management and project management, and how to meet and fulfil them with the support of RSO:s research advisors and officers.

EU Funding and Tenders portal

In the EU Funding & Tenders portal , you may find calls in various programmes including research funding.

The EU Commission is one of major sources of research funding to KTH. The Funding and Tenders Portal is a case management system for proposals of EU funding. In the portal you can submit a proposal, find information about current and upcoming calls and manage your research projects.

Support for KTH's EU financial officers

If you are a financial officer working with EU project administration and bookkeeping at KTH visit these intranet pages with information and supporting documents (in Swedish).

Newsletter from RSO

The newsletter from RSO is sent every other week and gathers valuable information for research on topics such as funding and events.

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