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Routine and support for EU proposals for collaboration projects (RIA, IA, CSA)

Horizon Europe is the EU framework programme for research and innovation 2021-2027.

Find relevant calls for proposals at the EC portal for Funding and tender opportunities . More information about the framework programme Horizon Europe 2021-2027.

See more information below on what you, as a researcher at KTH, should consider if you plan to participate in a proposal to Horizon Europe, either as a partner or as a coordinator.

Partner of an EU project proposal

1. Always inform your Head of Department of your proposal and the budget, including any need for co-funding, and follow other administrative routines of the school.

2. Always contact your financial officer at the school for support with the budget (the KTH Horizon Europe template should be used).

EU financial officers and functional emails

  • ABE:
  • CBH:
  • EECS:
  • ITM:
  • SCI:

3. No formal signatures are usually required when applying to the EU and therefore there is no formal need to inform RSO when KTH is a partner in a proposal. You are of course always welcome to contact us if you need help with any specific issues.

4. Sometimes, the coordinator of the project wants the consortium to sign a formal commitment before submitting the proposal, e.g. a Letter of Intent (LoI), Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Letter of Committment (LoC). If you need a signature, contact the contract coordinator at your school, who will prepare the matter and contact RSO for a legal review and a signature by the authorised person.

Functional emails to contract coordinators

  • ABE:

  • CBH:
  • EECS
  • ITM:
  • SCI:

5. Provide the KTH's PIC number to the coordinator who enters all partners of the proposal to the EU-Portal. The PIC number automatically collects all formal data about KTH, such as official name, address, status. The KTH PIC number is 999990946.

6. "Main contact person" for the proposal in the portal is you, as the Principal Investigator (P.I.) for KTH. If you are asked to add an administrative contact, talk to your EU financial officer/administrator or the person who is assisting you with the proposal at the school.
RSO contact is only stated when KTH is the coordinator and after consultation with RSO.

7. To be able to complete the data in the proposal form on the web, you must be a registered user of the EU Funding & Tenders Portal.  Click on the "Register" button and follow the instructions. Then you can log in, click on "My Proposals" in the left menu, find the name of the proposal and click "Actions-Edit draft". You are automatically transferred to the application tool.

8. The proposal consists of Part A and Part B. Part A is online. Click on the "Edit forms" button as shown below.

Screen shot of the online system for editing Part A in an EU proposal application

Here, each partner must complete a number of different forms:

  • Contact data - department and participating researchers
  • Questions about KTH's role in the project
  • Relevant publications and other projects at KTH
  • Questions about Gender

9. KTH has a Gender Equality Plan - An Equal KTH - Plan for Gender Mainstreaming of KTH  so you answer “YES” to that question in the form.

Planning to coordinate an EU application? 

Book a meeting with a research advisor  at RSO well in advance.

The following support is offered after consultation with the RSO:

  • Guidance and advice with the proposal project plan (part B)
  • Administrative support with the portal and proposal