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Application support

Horizon Europe is the EU framework programme for research and innovation 2021-2027.

Find relevant calls for proposals at the EC portal for Funding and tender opportunities . More information about the framework programme Horizon Europe 2021-2027.

Below you will find information about what you, as a researcher at KTH, should consider if you plan to participate in a proposal within Horizon 2020, either as a partner or as a coordinator.

To consider when applying

If a Horizon Europe proposal is accepted the content is binding. A proposal must therefore:

  • Meet the requirements/formalities of the funding body
  • Guarantee the interests of KTH and yourself
  • Ensure that KTH has the right to make decisions within the project
  • Make sure that KTH fulfills its public authority requirements
  • Indicate the KTH PIC number 999990946 in the application

    If you plan to coordinate or participate in a proposal we recommend that you:
  • contact a Research Advisor for consultation. We can read the proposal i.a. to ensure that the requirements as above are fulfilled.
  • obtain support from the school dean for your planned proposal
  • contact and involve the school’s economic administration to prepare a budget and other financial issues

If some formal commitment has to be signed before the proposal is submitted, e.g. Letter of Intent (LoI), Non Disclosurer Agreement (NDA) or Letter of Commitment (LoC), its contents should be checked by Research Support Office and the agreement signed by the head of Research Support Office.

If you receive a positive decision by the funding agency contact Research Support Office for support concerning agreement and contract formalities. All EU agreements should be signed by the Head of Research Support Office.

Information about KTH

Image of the online form where information about KTH will automatically be filled in if you insert the KTH PIC number. It is used for applications for H2020 project grants.

To register as partner in a proposal you need the KTH PIC number: 999990946. Once you enter the PIC number, all general information about KTH is filled in automatically.

The only data you then need to fill in is research-specific information. LEAR for KTH is Jeanna Ayoubi.

The project participants should be described in the proposal. See the attached template for a description of KTH and participating researchers. Brief description of KTH 2020 (doc 38 kB)

Contact RSO when an application is approved

As soon as you are notified that your funding proposal has been approved, please contact Research Support Office  for support with contract negotiation and advice on project administration.