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Research Ethics at KTH

The KTH Research Support Office can provide support related to research ethics. Please contact the Research Ethics Advisor on issues such as:

• Support for the ethics review procedure in relation to research funding proposals
• Dialogue on research ethical problems in planned or on-going research
• Dialogue on ethical guidelines and good research practise

Research ethics is a wide concept and can include issues such as experiments on humans or animals, managing research data and dual use-issues. Legislation have been increasingly used the last decennia in order to underline the importance of upholding sound research ethics. Requirements for ethical permits have thus become more common.

However, the legislation mainly regulates against the most serious research ethical violations and focuses on a risk analysis carried out before the project. Research communities, thus, clearly still have a responsibility to form research ethics so that scientific and legal requirements, as well as ethical judgements are integrated into a single practice.

Questions can be sent to

For more information on research ethics, please read more on the website

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