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Thesis, thesis defence and qualification

KTH has common rules for theses, licentiate seminars, disputations and qualifications. Further to these, schools may have additional or more stringent requirements, so it is important to also check these in plenty of time – at least six months before the licentiate seminar or disputation. Reference to the schools’ information can be found below.

Information about public defence at a distance because of coronavirus (covid-19)

There is nothing in the KTH steering document for third-cycle education that will prevent one or several of the participants to be present through a video link. In practice, we expect one or several of the main participants to be present through video conferencing.

  • The chair and the supervisor shall make certain to have phone numbers and e-mail addresses to the main participants as well as each other to be able to circumvent any possible technical problem during the defence.
  • The Grading committee meet through video conferencing. The minutes from the Grading committee meeting is transformed to pdf-format and sent by e-mail to all participants present remotely. Each member of the committee prints a copy, signs the minutes, scans it and e-mails it back to the sender. The original is sent back by ordinary mail. Remember to provide a return address.
  • It is important that the defence is open and made public. During the circumstances it is important to keep the number of persons physically present at a reasonable level. The solution is to book a suitable room with equipment for participation remotely, or where such equipment can be easily installed. Invitation to the room physically will only be sent to those most involved, whereas the general public is invited to participate through streaming. In practice this is accomplished by inserting the link (hypertext) to the streaming in the KTH Calendar, not the room, and by sending personal invitations to those concerned. Also, include the text “If you lack a computer or computer skills, please contact for information.” The school provide the e-mail address to the contact person. It would be a good idea to put a note on the door to the room with information about the streaming and how to access it. It is important for those participating remotely to be able to interact and this can be done via a chat function. Please remember to signal to IT support well in advance if help is needed with the equipment. The head of schools have agreed to help out between schools with appropriate rooms. The ITM School has several rooms for this purpose.
  • Information on Zoom and Zoom webinar for public defences, Zoom webinar
  • It is possible to hold the whole defence remotely if the audience can participate (remotely) and interact. Also in this case there must be a room available for audience.

To avoid the need for cancelling the public defence due to disabled transport, please select two stand-ins instead of one. Also, try to select grading board members from local higher education institutions (HEIs).

Very important, the grading board must include at least one member external to KTH.

For a licentiate seminar, equal procedures can be used adapted for the normal licentiate seminar procedure.

Technical support:

KTH IT-support: email ; phone 087906600

Since more public defences, licentiate seminars and other meetings may be going on at the same time, IT support cannot come at a short notice.

Doctoral thesis and licentiate thesis

Licentiate theses and doctoral theses at KTH shall be printed in at least 30 copies, one copy shall be kept by the KTH library. All academic papers and theses must be marked with ISBN numbers, which are provided by the KTH library. Other codes may also be applicable, such as TRITA and ISSN. Please check with the KTH Library  and your school.

All doctoral theses and licentiate theses are to have uniform covers, see Cover , and tips for the insert Insert  .

Other requirements for academic papers/theses are stated in Guideline on Third-Cycle Studies

Posting of a thesis

Doctoral theses and licentiate theses at KTH must be handled in accordance with a unified procedure and be made available (posted) in both printed and electronic form at least three weeks prior to the doctoral disputation or licentiate seminar. Find out about the KTH library’s procedures (below) well in advance

Posting of doctoral thesis or licentiate thesis

Thesis defence and licentiate seminar

At KTH, thesis defences and licentiate seminars may take place during the periods 7 January - 15 June and 15 August - 20 December. The doctoral student must notify the school concerned of his/her request for a thesis defence/licentiate seminar at least five weeks prior to the scheduled date. Schools may, however, require that such notification be made at an earlier stage. Notification shall be made using the special form that can be found in the forms archive .

KTH’s steering document concerning thesis defence and licentiate seminars

Guideline on Third-Cycle Studies

Information from KTH’s schools regarding preparations for thesis defence and licentiate seminar

The schools that have their own information for theses and thesis defence are listed below. Select the school you belong to!

Application for qualification

The form with which to apply for a licentiate degree or doctor’s degree can be found in the forms archive .

Conferment of doctors

KTH arranges a yearly conferment of new doctors and inauguration of new professors at Stockholm Concert Hall, which is followed by a banquet in Stockholm City Hall. These events are ceremonial and are not compulsory. Read more about KTH’s academic ceremonies .

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