Application support

Here are some examples on how Research Support Office can support you with applications for external research funding

Start by checking the information and support material provided in this section on how to prepare an application for external research funding. 

If you have questions relating to budgets, please contact the financial officer at your school/institution.

If you are planning a major application for external research funding, please contact the Research Support Office for any of the following cases:

Analysing a call text

We can help you with an analysis of a call text and background information to find out the intention and expectations of the call.

Providing structure to an application

We can help you formulate your application in a structured way that meets the criteria of the funding agencies and the evaluators.

Feedback on how your application meets the criteria and requirements of a specific research funding agency

We offer support in reading your draft application and provide feedback on how well it meets the criteria and requirements as specified by a certain external funding agency. 

Specific issues and requirements related to applications

We offer support on how to address specific issues or requirements that the funding agency has stated as vital to the application, e.g. research ethics, gender, sustainability development goals, open access or export control.

Book a meeting with a research advisor

You are always welcome to contact us for questions about research funding applications and to book a meeting with one of our research advisors. Remember, the sooner you contact us before an application deadline, the better support we can provide you with for a successful application.

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