"Digitaliseringssatsningen" - Call B

This is the second call for pilot collaboration projects within the area Technologies for a digital transformation. Initiation of other activities such as demonstration-, seed-, and educational projects is planned for autumn 2019. KTH schools and Platforms are encouraged to be active in the formation of these projects.

KTH has been tasked by the Swedish government to establish a strategic research environment for interdisciplinary research on the future technology for digitization in the research policy (2016) and budget (2017) bills. According to those, a faculty funding initiative in digitization corresponding to 78 MSEK per year is planned from 2020 to form a research centre for future technology for digitization. This will involve many activities, for example excellent research collaboration projects. During 2019 we prepare for this by starting in a small scale and gradually increase the efforts in this strategic context.

Call B
As a preparation and scale up for potentially foreseen larger funding volume during 2020, KTH has decided to by internal means fund a number of pilot collaboration projects during 2019. These collaboration projects should address research within Technologies for a digital transformation and should involve a number of research groups that complement each other. Call A (closed by February 10) resulted in five one-year pilot collaboration projects, every project including about five PI:s. Evaluation criteria for Call B (partly revised from Call A) (docx 39 kB) .

In Call B, 3-6 one-year pilot collaboration projects are intended to be selected. This call is open both for newly formulated project proposals as well as upgraded proposals not been funded in Call A. The proposals shall address subject areas within the frame of the Research matrix in Figure 1, and target specific areas as further detailed in the one-pagers describing the research content in the research matrix. The most relevant societal context and the most relevant scientific context shall be stated in the project proposal. The long-term research portfolio is expected to cover this strategic matrix, so that will be considered in the selection process.

Figure 1. The three research themes Trust, Cooperate and Learn cut across the three societal contexts Smart society, Digitized industry and Rich and healthy life. The long-term research portfolio is expected to cover this strategic matrix. One-pager describing each research theme can be downloaded here. (docx 387 kB)

The proposed projects shall investigate a research topic with novelty and be based on an interdisciplinary approach. The team should consist of PI:s with a complementary competence to secure the interdisciplinary approach. Participation across schools is encouraged, and participation of at least two schools is required. PI:s and co-PI:s can only participate in one project proposal (including the approved projects in Call A).

Partial funding will be provided for these one-year pilot collaboration projects. For more details see the funding budget template (xlsx 13 kB)  (partly revised from Call A). After evaluation of this pilot phase, and confirmed governmental funding from 2020, several of these are expected to be chosen to continue for the next coming four years, with annual funding.

Call B: Closes 15 August, 2019 at 24:00

The decision is planned for late September and the expected start of projects soon thereafter.
Send applications according to the project description template (docx 18 kB)  to digitalisering@kth.se. Questions can be directed to the same email address.