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Support for research funding

Research officers at RSO offer support and expertise at all stages of a research project's life cycle; preparation, initiation, application, contract / contract phase, implementation and reporting. This is mainly done through information, education, advice, handling and various forms of expert support to researchers and research groups at KTH.

We have close relationships with KTH's most important research financiers

We monitor the funders' research agendas and funding requirements and other important new issues that are prioritized by the financiers. We represent KTH in the financiers' various networks and reference groups.

We provide support for competitive research applications

We have expertise that is crucial for successful research applications and support for how researchers can address relevant issues such as ethics, gender issues, global sustainability goals, impact, data management plans, open data, IP / IP rights, project management, etc.

We provide support for export control and ethical issues in research projects

Working closely with the Civil law and Contracts unit, we have expertise on export control and provide support to researchers with the review, classification and authorization of technology that are regulated by export control legislation. We provide support to KTH researchers, schools and management on research ethics issues with a focus on research funding requirements.

We provide various tools, e-services and web portals

We provide the Research Professional service to enable KTH researchers to find calls and funding opportunities based on their profiles. We provide membership in the Crowdhelix network, who provide a platform used to form partnerships for calls in Horizon Europe.

We provide support for project management, administration and reporting

We have specialist knowledge in project management, administration, budgeting and reporting of EU projects and support the schools' administrative staff and project managers with competence development, templates and support structures.

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