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How to write an impact case

KTH has put together documents that are useful when writing an impact case. Below is a template for writing a simple impact case as well as a detailed guide on how to write a strong case that tells the story all the way from underlying research and education to actual impact on society.


Use these headlines when writing a simple impact case.

Title of case study

  • Case study concerning impact of research/impact of education:

Summary of the impact 

Maximum 150 words, including:

  • An explanation of the nature of the impact; how far-reaching it is/who the beneficiaries are; and how significant the benefits are. (reach & significance)
  • Explain the main activities that led to the impact stated.

Underpinning research

Maximum 200 words, including:

  • An outline of what the underpinning research was, when this was undertaken and by whom.
  • Research publications (maximum eight, including number of citations)

Sources to corroborate the impact

Maximum five:

  • External reports or documents, links to web pages, contact details of a user(s) that could corroborate the impact, factual statements already provided by key users/beneficiaries, that corroborate the impact of the case.

Word template - Impact case (docx 27 kB)

In need of assistance? Contact your school's impact communicator.

Detailed guide

This in-dept detailed guide (primarily for KTH faculty) is useful when wanting to write a strong impact case:

Practical guide to write impact cases (for KTH faculty) (pdf 220 kB)

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