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KTH Innovation – commercialization of new technology

KTH Innovation supports researchers, students and employees at KTH who want to develop an idea or commercialize their research. KTH Innovation offers free and confidential support in business development coaching, patenting, contracts and agreements, funding, building a team, and much more.

Gustav Notander at KTH Innovation

Create impact with your knowledge

KTH Innovation helps you develop your idea or research result. Together we can bring new technology to the market to create impact in society.

The KTH Innovation team has broad experience of supporting the development of new technology in all areas. They can help you with business development coaching and advice, filing a patent, getting a hang of contracts and agreements, securing funding, building a team, and much more.

The support is free of charge, confidential, and KTH doesn’t take any ownership in your idea.

Patents and IPR

Correct agreements and immaterial rights can be complicated, but are extremely important when taking your idea to the market. Who owns your innovation and is it possible to patent it if your research result is unique? 

KTH Innovation's patent attorney and legal counsel can advice you on all issues surrounding contracts, agreements and patenting. 

KTH Innovation has answered the most common questions about patents and IPR here

Continue your work at KTH

KTH Innovation’s support is designed for you to be able to continue your work at KTH, whether you’re a researcher, work in communications, HR or with something else entirely.

You don’t need any prior experience of entrepreneurship before you contact KTH Innovation. The idea is that your skills, coupled with KTH Innovation’s support can bring new technology to the market and create impact in society. At the same time you’ll grow your own network and increase your knowledge of entrepreneurship and commercialization.

KTH Innovation can also help you recruit a business developer or license your technology.

Contact KTH Innovation

Do you have an idea or a research result you would like to discuss? Contact KTH Innovation today to set up a meeting with a business coach in your area of technology.  or send an email to .

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