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The free-content online encyclopedia project Wikipedia is an important channel for knowledge transfer. For researchers, it is an opportunity to spread and refer to one's research on relevant subject pages.

The content in Wikipedia can be created and edited by those with a user profile. It holds research information on all levels, from basic to applied research, for both broad and particular research areas.

How to use Wikipedia

Researchers can use Wikipedia to:

  • Add information to existing articles with references to your work
  • Create new pages (if there are none) for your specific research area

Keep in mind that Wikipedia is updated continuously. Therefore, only add information and references if they are of substantial relevance to the article. Otherwise, they will be removed.


Use Wikipedia when you have something of importance to tell, for example, reaching new and exciting results or publishing an impactful article. There must be published sources to reference. For example:

  • Published thesis
  • Final results of the project
  • A press release or news item is to be published

Keep in mind

To work well and efficiently with Wikipedia, remember to:

  • Edit pages with a strong connection to your research area
  • Corroborate the information you add with a source confirming its relevance
  • Refer to published and certified results
  • Refer to sources with a clear academic connection
  • Wikipedia is under constant editing. Prepare what you would like to add beforehand to copy/paste and save before another user publishes the page and overwrites your edits

Start editing

To get started with Wikipedia, create a user account. Wikipedia offers guides and introduction films to help you along the way.

Introduction to Wikipedia


For support or questions regarding Wikipedia, you can contact to KTH's library (KTHB).

Contact KTHB

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