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Communicate your research

Research communication stretches far beyond publishing news and web articles. As a researcher, you play an essential part in communicating and disseminating your work and results, for example, through the profile page and contributions to the public debate.

KTH works actively and strategically with research communication on central and local levels. For individual researchers, there are many advantages to devoting some time to communication activates.

In addition to promoting your name and contributing to the KTH brand, it may:

  • Increase citations
  • Increase knowledge of your research field and work
  • Be an advantage when applying for research funds
  • Create paths to exciting collaborations and projects
  • Attract new colleagues and students to KTH and your specific research area
  • Contribute to high rankings, both for KTH and your specific research area
  • Increase inquiries from media and press

Your digital presence

Tools and support

Media and content

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