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Be a part of Researchers' Friday 2022

Photo: Christofer Andersson/Vetenskapens hus
Published Apr 13, 2022

This year's Researchers' Friday (ForskarFredag), Sweden's national science festival, will take place on 30 September. Researchers' Friday creates arenas for researchers to meet and interact with the general public, and aims to increase students' curiosity for higher education and science. Are you interested in contributing to KTH's activities? Keep on reading!  

Researchers' Friday is Sweden's largest science festival, with activities all across the country. On a national level, the event is coordinated by Vetenskap & Allmänhet  and is part of the European initiative called European Researchers' Night. In Stockholm, the project management is run by Vetenskapens Hus, with support from KTH, KI, and SU.


Are you interested in being part of Researchers' Friday 2022?  KTH is searching for researchers for the following activities: 

Borrow a researcher (Låna en forskare)

In the national portal Borrow a researcher (Låna en forskare), researchers may register to meet school classes at different levels of knowledge. You can decide which dates, and times you are available and how (digital or in real life) you would like to meet the group. If you choose to be open to digital meetings, school classes from all-over Sweden have the opportunity to book you. Time slots in the portal stretch from 26 to 30 September.

Register interest here

Please devote some time to your text. Describe your research as simple as possible, preferably in Swedish.

Event exhibition

The event exhibition will be at AlbaNova. The visitors mainly consist of students.

Register your interest with Louise Gustafsson.

Study visits

ForskarFredag offers school classes a variety of study visits, primarily to research environments at KTH, KI, and SU campus. Usually, a study visit will be a tour of a research environment, where the researchers talk about their work and how it is to have research as a career.

Register your interest with Louise Gustafsson.


Louise Gustafsson, Research Communication Manager at CBL, is KTH's project representative for ForskarFredag.

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