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Questions and answers

Why is KTH an ORCID member?

Bibliometric analyzes and evaluation of KTH's research results are facilitated by ORCID iDs. KTH sees ORCID as an internationally important initiative and would like to be an active partner in ORCID.


Why should I add an additional email address to my ORCID account?

If you leave KTH you may also lose access to your email account. One problem with this is that you cannot receive any reminders for your password to ORCID. Therefore, we recommend that you also register another personal email address, which you have access to in the event you leave KTH.

Who owns the information stored in ORCID?

In order to ensure transparency, accessibility and impartiality ORCID is handled and managed by ORCID Inc., a non-profit organization with headquarters in the United States.

The information in ORCID is owned by ORCID Inc. However, you are as an individual KTH researcher responsible for the information on your ORCID profile.

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Last changed: Nov 19, 2021