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Terms of Use

Basic term for ORCID at KTH: you must perform research at KTH and be at least 18 years old.

  • You are responsible for the information on your ORCID account.
  • You are responsible for not having more than one ORCID account.
  • Twice a year ORCID Inc. sends data files to KTH containing the information included in KTH researchers' ORCID accounts.
  • KTH has the right to read and process the information on your ORCID account if you have connected your ORCID iD to KTH and accepted KTH as a Trusted Party.
  • You are responsible for removing KTH as a Trusted Party to your ORCID account if you are no longer affiliated to KTH.
  • KTH stores your ORCID iD in KTH UG.
  • KTH has the right to use and display your ORCID iD in the systems KTH use to showcase its research, such as DiVA.
  • KTH has the right, if needed, to change the Terms of Use. If the changes are comprehensive KTH will inform about this in a suitable way.

Last updated on 2016-04-26.

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