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Strategic Research Areas (SRA)

In 2009, the Swedish government decided to invest in strategic research areas (SRA). The decision was based on recommendations from the Swedish Research Council (VR), FAS, Formas, Sweden´s Innovation Agency (Vinnova) and Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) with the ambition to facilitate world leading research. In total, the state investment in SRA´s amounts to MSEK 5 270 and funds 43 research initiatives all over Sweden.

KTH is responsible for five Strategic Research Areas

Since 2010, KTH is responsible for the following five Strategic Research Areas:
E-Science, ICT, Molecular Bioscience, Production research and Transport research.

SeRC ( Swedish e-Science Research Centre ) is a national initiative for sharing supercomputer resources in partnership with KI, Linköping University and Stockholm University. The PDC (Parallelldatorcentrum) at KTH and NSC (Nationellt Superdatorcentrum) at Linköping University are part of SeRC. The applied research has been tied closer to basic research in the field by the SeRC centre.

ICT TNG ( ICT – The Next Generation ) is a constortia founded by KTH, Stockholm University and RISE (ICT). The entire chain in the ICT sector is represented - from components to user interaction design in collaboration with industry and other research and higher education institutes. The consortia engages several excellent research environments at KTH.

SciLifeLab ( Science for life laboratory ) is a national resource operated by KTH, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. It is one of the largest Life Science research initiatives in Sweden. Besides direct funding from the government as a SRA, the SciLifeLab also receives funding as a national research infrastructure for the numerous laboratories within SciLifeLab.

XPRES ( Initiative for excellence in production research ) has created a research infrastructure for digital production and visualization. The research is relevant for strategic partners to KTH, e.g. ABB and Sandvik.

TRENoP ( Transport research environment with novel perspectives ) is a research collaboration with KTH, Linköping University and VTI as partners. The research focuses on ground transportation and the exploration of innovative technology - and policy concepts, business intelligence systems on a tactical, operative and strategic level as well as implementation processes. The research at TRENoP is related to several other centres at KTH, for example ITRL.

KTH participates in sex other strategic research areas, managed by other universities  

StandUp is a strategic research environment managed by Uppsala University, although KTH has a larger part of the funds. In order to ensure the long-term outcome this strategic research areas was transformed in 2014 to a KTH centre with Uppsala University as a partner – STandUP for Wind .

U-Can, The U-Can Comprehensive Cancer Consortium  (Uppsala University)

Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Change  (Stockholm University)

MERGE, ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system  (Lund University)

Health and Disease, Cognitive and Motor functions in Health and Disease during the Lifespan (Karolinska Institute)

Security Link  (Linköping University)

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