KTH Research Infrastructures

In order for KTH to conduct excellent research and education in various fields it is vital to have research infrastructure that is at the leading edge. The national funding of advanced instruments and equipment has decreased over the past years and KTH has therefor developed central supervision and processes for support of the KTH research infrastructures.

In addition to the decrease in external national funds, there have been no other provision of resources to the sector which has resulted in a larger responsibility at a local and regional level. Thus, KTH has had to increase its financial efforts to ensure that vital laboratories and instruments are maintained.

In 2016 and 2017, a group for developing the KTH research infrastructures has been formed under the lead of the Deputy President. It consists of representatives from the research infrastructures, the research platforms, the university administration and persons from all schools who are responsible for Impact. During 2018, the group has formulated criteria that should be met in order to have get establishment support as a KTH research infrastructure. 

The first call for KTH research infrastructures led to the establishment of 15 labs, although six are in an interim phase with the chance to scale up after evaluation in 2019. A minor grant of SEK 250 000 per year in 2018 and 2019 comes with the establishment of each lab and is related to specific assignments. 

The research advisor for KTH Research Infrastructures is Susanna Pehrson  at Research Support Office.

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