Seminar #2 Sustainability and stakeholder engagement in research collaboration

Are you aware of the new Climate Framework? Do you have a good overview of how your research addresses the Sustainable Development Goals? Can you use AI to do it differently? How do you communicate sustainability in your research collaboration and engage stakeholders? Learn about the Green Deal policy influencing EU funding and more.

Date and time: Thursday 11 June, 2020 at 09.30 - 11.30
Venue: Zoom. (link is provided via registration) Registration link

09.30 Annika Stensson Trigell, KTH Vice President for Research: Welcome and introduction
09.35 Göran Finnveden, KTH Vice President Sustainability: KTH and the Climate framework agreement (pptx 1.7 MB)
09.50 Karin Larsdotter, KTH Sustainability Office: Which SDGs are you actually targeting in your research? (pptx 937 kB)
10.05 Ricardo Vinuesa and Francesco Fuso-Nerini:  AI and Sustainability: how to ensemble a multi-disciplinary team (pptx 2.7 MB)
10.20 Anna Raask, KTH Research Support Office: Stakeholder engagement and Green Deal (pptx 1.5 MB)
10.35 Breakout session workshop on addressing SDGS in research collaboration
11.10 Conclusion wrapup
11.30 End of seminar

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