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Open call for Conference Organizer Support

This is an open call for KTH Digitalization Platform with two cut-off dates per year. Next cut-off deadlines will be 10 June, 2022. The budget is individually set, distributed top-down, with expected sponsoring between SEK 10-50 kkr.


  • Enable KTH researcher to organize relevant conferences/workshops in the digitalization domain
  • Promotion of KTH research environment in digitalization (KTH Digitalization Platform)


  • Ranking of proposals according to criteria, minimum scores on criteria
  • Two cut-off dates per year
  • Budget is individually set, distributed top-down, expected sponsoring between 10-50kkr



Is the conference in the Digitalisation domain and are KTH researcher(s) the main organisers?

  • Digitalisation domain: (0: No, 1: Yes - min 1)
  • KTH researcher (0: No, 1: Yes – min 1)


Is there a need for financial support and is the sponsoring wisely spend (assess also what is done with a potential surplus)?

  • (0: no need & bad investment … 4: urgent need & valuable investment – min 2)


Will the KTHs Digitalisation research environment (e.g. the platform) be promoted?

  •  (0: badly promoted … 4: excellently promoted – min 2)


Will the event be valuable for KTH researchers, environment, and/or platform?

  •  (0: no value … 4: very high value, e.g relevant for many researchers, flagship event in the area, strategically for KTH, cross-disciplinary, involves researchers from different schools, … - min 2)

How to apply

Applications should briefly describe the event and explicitly reflect on how their conference will satisfy the four outlined criteria. The application should be send to the platform director,

Report request

After the event the following is requsted:  

  • Reflect on how the money has been used and what was the result
  • Reflect on how your work promoted the platform's business (including links, flyer pdf or a picture)

  • Reflect on what value your work received for KTH

  • Attach a photo from the event that is allowed to use

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