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Seminar: Lessons from research for the work on a national electrification strategy

Electricity grids
Published Jan 18, 2021

Welcome to a seminar, Tuesday 26 January at 13.00-15.00, on "Lessons from research for the work on a national electrification strategy and for the commission on electrification".

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The overall aim of this workshop is to collect input from the energy research community for the two ongoing governmental tasks targeting: a national electrification strategy (I2020/02609) and a commission to speed up the electrification of transportations (I2020/02592). Truls Borgström leading the electrification strategy work (I2020/02609) will join the event.


  • Welcome note Lina Bertling Tjernberg Director of the KTH Energy platform
  • Truls Borgström and Anna Ullström, Ministry of Infrastructure, will give an introduction to the ongoing work with the national electrification strategy and the electrification commission
  • Group discussions with five discussion leaders. All groups will discuss input to the overall objective Theme 1: overarching objective/vision and then discuss specific questions related to specific topics:
    • Theme 2 Charging infrastructure Anders Nordelöf Chalmers
    • Theme 3 Grid Capacity Lina Bertling Tjernberg KTH
    • Theme 4 Electricity market for electrification Thomas Tangerås IFN
    • Theme 5 Energy system for electrification – system smart sector coupling and energy efficiency Kristina Edström Uppsala University
    • Theme 6 Governance and societal perspectives on electrification – Rafael Waters UU
  • Summary discussions with short presentations from each discussion leader 
  • Closure and next step

National strategy for electrification and the assignment of the Commission for Electrification (pdf 147 kB)

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More information (in Swedish):

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