2. My Profile - CV and publications

Under MY PROFILE you will find your drafts, tasks and notifications as well as menus for managing your CV and publications.

Under my profile you can see your drafts (click on Draft under Reg no to go to the application), your tasks (for signing and reporting) as well as your notifications. An exempel of a notification would be "Your application has been signed by Beata Bengtsson".

For an overview of the general functionality of my profile please visit the Prisma user manual .

It is important that you read the instructions for the call you are intending to send in an application for in order to see which information they require you to add in Prisma and which information you can attach as a PDF. You do not need to register your complete CV and complete list of publications in Prisma unless it is specifically asked for.

Once information is registered it will be stored on your personal account and will be available for your next application. Thus there is initially a larger workload with Prisma but for the following applications it will be easier to add CV-information and publications.

Fellow participants will also need to create a personal account and register information in Prisma. Read the instructions for the call to see what they require for a fellow participant.

My profile has several submenus:

  • Personal details - Your personal and contact details. Possible to edit.
  • Educational History - See  CV  for more information
  • Professional History - See CV for more information
  • Publications - See  Publications  for more information
  • Merits and Awards - See CV for more information
  • Intellectual property - Patent, copyright, etc. See CV for more information
  • Password settings - Possibility to change your password. Only possible for your Prisma account not your @kth.se account.
  • SWAMID accounts - Possibility to connect your Prisma account to a SWAMID-account allowing you to login using your @kth.se account.
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