Creating an application


Different schools and departments/institutions might have different routines for applications. Please check with your school or department/institution which routines that are applicable for you.

  1. Read the instructions for the call.
  2. It is recommended that you invite a school financial officer as a participating administrator to you application to allow them to see the budget. It is also recommended that you inform your head of department that you have started on an application and invites him/her as a participating administrator to your application.
    • It is important that you send the invitation to the e-mailaddress connected to the invited persons personal account in Prisma (and not their username, if different).
  3. Invite participating researchers .
    • Please read the instructions for the call regarding which information that is required from the fellow applicants and how it should be submitted to the application.
  4. Complete the form for the application.
    • It is possible to verify your application and check for errors under the register menu.
  5. Register your application. It is possible to unregister your application until deadline. Thus you can make corrections and amendments until the deadline of the call. If you unregister your application please remember to register your application again.
  6. Verify how your application looks as a PDF. This can be done under Select -> Show application (PDF).
  7. Signing of your application (which is performed after the call deadline). This is performed by an authorised user in Prisma, usually the head of department or the dean. KTH Research Office is responsible for distributing the tasks for this step and you do not need to perform this step yourself.
    • You will receive a confirmation by e-mail when your application has been signed.

You will find all open calls under the tab Applications and Grants.

For each call there is also a link to the instructions for the call (the Read more link). To apply for a call you press the apply button. You will then receive a dialog asking for a Swedish and English project titel, you can change these titles in your application at a later stage.

After you have entered your project titles and pressed create new application. The application form will open in a new window or tab. If you do not see the application form you might need to allow pop-ups for Prisma.

The menus to the left varies depending on the call.

Under the menu Register you can check if your application is missing some information or if some information is registered incorrectly. Some fields and textboxes have limitations in the number of allowed characters and this is displayed in grey at the bottom right corner of the field.

For some fields you need to press the + sign to add or save information (e.g. SCB-codes, PDFs etc. require you to press the + to save your information) and for the budget you need to press the pen to be able to edit the information.

Add/save information
Edit information

It is possible to see how your application looks like a PDF. Press select and then Show application (PDF).

When you have completed the application form you register your application under the Register menu. It is possible to unregister the application until the deadline of the call, if you unregister the application do not forget to register it again after you have applied your changes. You can confirm that the application has been registered at the top of the application. The status should say Registered.

For more information regarding creating an application please see the Prisma user manual

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