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Prisma is an e-service for the Swedish Research Council (VR), Formas and Forte. Prisma is used for applications, the review process and for reporting.

Link to Prisma Research

All applications and tasks, including the peer review process and reporting, for the Swedish Research Council, Formas and Forte are managed via Prisma.

If you are going to apply for funding, participate in an application, sign an application or a grant, sign financial reports or assist with the budget etc you must create a personal account in Prisma.

Researchers who use Prisma should:

  1. Create a personal account in Prisma.
  2. Register CV information and publications in Prisma, depending on the call.
  3. Register information regarding your application in forms in Prisma (some information can be attached as a PDF).

Links to KTH guides:

1. Create personal account  | 2. My Profile - CV & Publications  | 3. Create an application  | 4. Signing of an application

Links to information from Prisma, the Swedish Research Council, Forte and Formas:

Prisma's user manual  | Quick guide  | Operating Information

VR's calls for proposal  | Formas calls for proposals  | Forte's calls for proposals


The Prisma organisation is working on improving Prisma and KTH has a dialog with Prisma, providing the Prisma organisation with input and feed-back on a regular basis. If you have suggestions of improvements or input please contact .

If you have questions

  • related to a call, please contact the funder's contactpersons for the call.
  • regarding technical problems with Prisma or your personal account, please contact Prisma through their webform .
  • related to systems at KTH or KTH's routines for Prisma please contact .
  • regarding DiVA or publications please contact .
  • concerning budgeting or budget please contact your school's financial officer.
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