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General advice

Here you will find some general advice for your Scholarship application.

Here are some useful tips and advice for your Scholarship application:

  • The first step for you to take is to find the scholarships that you are eligible for. Make sure to apply for all the scholarships that you are eligible for.
  • Apply in time! Most of the KTH scholarships are granted once yearly. This means you will have to wait a whole year to apply next time if you miss the deadline.
  • Devote time and effort on your scholarship application. Make sure your writing is clear and concise. This will increase your chances tof being granted a scholarship. Make sure to include all necessary attachments. Read through your application several times before sending it.
  • Is it stated in scholarship announcement when the decision will be made? Make a note of it. The decision usually comes within 2-3 months after the deadline.
  • Search for scholarships in different places. There are many foundations that grants scholarships to students. Make sure to check your Municipalitys website and your local history society. 
  • When using seach engines, keep in mind they might make it difficult to see the scholarships you are eligible for and when to apply. 
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Last changed: Sep 17, 2020