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Centre communication

It is vital for both KTH and the centres themselves to communicate ongoing research, its progress and results. The communication may attract more partners to centres and consequently contribute to increasing funding. For KTH as a whole, it is a way to strengthen the KTH brand. This introduction describes how centres should work with communication both effectively and proactively.

Guidelines for centre communication

Centres are regulated by the KTH guidelines on the management of research centres (reg. no. V-2022-0046 1.2). These guidelines state the following concerning centre communication:

  • A centre should profile itself as a centre active at KTH in its communication. Other participating parties must be made visible in a consistent manner.  
  • The centre's steering committee will determine a strategic plan and communication strategy activities. 
  • The steering committee will determine a business plan and a communication plan for each financial year (which may not be delegated). 
  • The centre director is responsible for ensuring that centre communication is executed and follows KTH internal regulations concerning the web, graphic profile and brand.

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Help and support

The centre communication guidelines are supported by several aids that have been developed to assist in the communication activities. These include an overall framework for centre communication , templates and guides , for example, the website, a communication plan and an evaluation sheet. The framework contains responsibilities and roles, possible communication channels, how to work with websites, and co-profiling, to name a few examples. The document is a support for all who, in some way, work with centre communication and is great to use when introducing new coworkers.

If you are in need of operative support, contact the communication manager at you school. They are the first instances of support linked to centre communication. 

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KTH communication

The communications department is responsible for KTH's overall communication activities, for example, the graphic profile and procurement of communication agencies. The following are essential parts of centre communication work:

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