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Framework for centre communication

KTH's framework for centre communication is intended to guide and clarify the work in this field on an overall level. The framework is aimed at people and functions who are in some way involved in centre communication activities. This document also serves as a tool for introducing new employees who will work in this field.

Below are excerpts from the framework. It is also possible to download the framework in its entirety. COM is the document owner and are responsible for updating it when necessary.

The framework in its entirety (pdf 306 kB)


The framework describes:

  • Who does what: roles and responsibilities for COM, schools and centres.
  • Routines and guidelines for centre communication at KTH. 
  • Aids available for ongoing and strategic communication activities.


  • To clarify the resources required for centre communication. 
  • To support centre directors and communicators in their communication activities.
  • To create consensus and strengthen collaboration on centre communication at KTH - between COM, schools and centres.  
  • To create a clearer connection between the KTH brand and the centres as part of their external communications.
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Last changed: Mar 16, 2023