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Research infrastructures

In order for KTH to conduct excellent research and education in various fields it is vital to have research infrastructure that is cutting edge. KTH has in recent years developed central management and processes to support the use and accessibility of KTH research infrastructures.

KTH Deputy President Mikael Östling is leading the development projet for improving management and processes that will ensure access to advanced equipment and instruments in strategic research areas. A list of criteria is used to analyse the need for further investments and to increase the usability and accessibility.

These criteria indicates that the research infrastructures should be: 

  • strategic, are utilised by a large number of users and are open to several user groups
  • have a long term plan for organisation, maintaining a ”state-of-the-art” facility and have an impact on and collaboration with industry and society. 
  • have a quality assurance process

To support the strategic research infrastructures at KTH, an annual grant from central funds is allocated for upgrades or investments sin additional equipment for the established research infrastructures at KTH. Annual assessments are carried out, followed by discussions with each Director of the research infrastructures on how to further improve the activities and operations.