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Research platforms

Large, global challenges require multidisciplinary approaches, not only in research in itself, but also in order for the research results to be well adapted the end users. KTH's strategic research platforms are established to develop multidisciplinary research collaborations, both internal and external, that may lead to end-user adapted results in six key areas: Digitalisation, Energy, Industrial Transformation, Life Science, Materials and Transport.

The Research Support Office (RSO) coordinates the development, guidelines, and documentation of KTH’s research platforms as well as provides administrative support to the platforms. This includes:

  • Support in supervising platform activities, guidelines, preparing formal decisions e.g the appointing new platform directors, vice directors, reviewing
  • Administrative support for meetings for all platforms such as coordination meetings and steering group meetings
  • Overall administrative support for all platforms, which includes organising platform events, workshops and seminars
  • Support for each platform at interal meetings, such as reference group meetings and strategy meetings
  • Support to KTH's Vice President with responsibility for research

Professional support