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Research collaboration competence

KTH's researchers are successful leaders of collaboration with the private and public sectors through centres, EU projects, and Strategic Innovation Programmes (SIP). The Research Support Office (RSO) supports research collaboration leaders through thematic seminars, online courses in Canvas, and best practice networking.

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Competence courses

Based on previous thematic seminars organised by RSO, aimed primarily at leaders of research collaboration, such as centres, platforms, strategic innovation programmes, or large EU projects, a series of Canvas courses has been launched. They are accessible for all researchers and staff at KTH and were developed on request from Annika Stensson Trigell, KTH’s vice president responsible for research.

Published courses

Coming: Research Ethics and good research practice. Contact: Fredrik Karlsson (RSO)

Seminars and networks

RSO’s seminar series will change its format to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences based on the content of the Canvas courses. The seminars will be an opportunity to raise questions on those cross-cutting issues.


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