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Seminar: Research and research collaboration for Agenda 2030

Seminar: Research and research collaboration for Agenda 2030!

On 25th September 2015, UN’s member states adopted Agenda 2030, a universal agenda including the global goals for sustainable development (SDG). The Global Goals in turn have 169 targets and 230 indicators.

In this context sustainable development integrates the three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. World leaders have committed to achieving four things until 2030; to eliminate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, solve the climate crisis and promote peace and justice!

The SDGs is everyone's concern and an increasing number of research funders require applicants to put their research in this context and even align with the SDGs.

In this seminar, we will take a practical approach to sustainability at KTH and the SDGs in relation to research and research collaboration.

We will conclude the event with networking, food and drinks - Welcome!

For planning and catering purposes, please register here  to participate.

When: 22nd August 2018, 14:30-17:00
Where: Multi-Purpose Hall Open Labs, Valhallavägen 79


When What Who
14:30 Welcome & Practical Karoline Beronius and Marina Backer Skaar
14:35 Agenda 2030 & SDGs: Relevance for Research Göran Finnveden
14:50 Research Funding bodies Karin Larsdotter
15:05 Positioning and impact through communication Åsa Ankarcrona
15:20 Hands-on Workshop Sustainability and SDGs Karoline Beronius and Karin Larsdotter
16:20 Concluding discussions
16:30 Networking, food and drinks!

To Prepare: You are welcome to bring specific questions regarding SDGs and how to incorporate them into your research and research proposals.

Links and information:
UN Sustainable Development Goals  (incl. targets and indicators)

KTH´s Strategy for communicating sustainable development

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