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2019 Seminar #2: Open Access, Open Data and Data Management Plans

Open access (OA) is the practice of providing on-line access to scientific information that is free of charge to the user and that is re-usable. It is becoming widely recognized that making research results more accessible to all societal actors contributes to better and more efficient science, and to innovation in the public and private sectors.

A Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected, processed and/or generated by a research project. As part of making research data findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR) there are several criteria to implement. In this seminar and workshop we will take a practical approach to Open Access and DMP in research and research collaboration.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Please register before 11 June  so we can plan for catering.

When: 14 June at 09.30 - 13.00
Where: Open Lab, Multi-purpose hall, Valhallavägen 79


09:30  Welcome and presentation of the seminar series Annika Stensson Trigell,
Vice Preseident for Research
09:35 Introduction and practicalities

Natalia Kotova, RSO
Marianne Loor, RSO

09:40 DMP requirements by funding agencies

Lars Resman, RSO


Navigating the landscape of Open Access and
Open Data / FAIR data

Rosa Lönneborg, KTHB
10:15 A researcher´s experience of Open Science
- pitfalls and possibilities

Thomas Crouzier, Biopolymer for Life group,
Chemistry, CBH School



Coffee break

Hands-on workshop
Summary and conclusion
Lunch and networking

  Natalia Kotova,
  Marianne Loor,
  Rosa Lönneborg,
  Lars Resman

Useful information and links

How to create a Data Management Plan - check list, online tools and FAQ

Open Access offers for KTH researchers (KTH Library)

Managing research data, storage and legal aspects

The connected researcher blog (Thomas Crouzier)

Seminar presentations

Data Management Plans and requirements from funding agencies (pdf 167 kB)

Navigating the landscape of Open Access, Open Data / FAIR Data (pdf 696 kB)

A researcher experience of Open Science: Electronic Lab Notebooks and Pre-prints (pdf 2.1 MB)


Lars Resman , RSO, Data Management Plans and Research funding support

Rosa Lönneborg, KTHB, Open Access, Open Data/FAIR Data etc:

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