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Educational exchange

Students at KTH have extensive opportunities to spend time studying abroad at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Each year around 20 KTH students go to UIUC for exchange studies. The majority of exchange opportunities are for one term, with both fall and spring placements available. The exchange programme with UIUC may also have opportunities for both Bachelor's and Master's thesis'.

KTH students about their exchange studies at UIUC

"As an exchange student at UIUC, you really get the college experience! There are tons of organizations to get involved in, bars to go to, American football games to watch… And the university is known for its engineering programs, which shows in their helpful teaching staff. My favorite thing about studying abroad is the self confidence and independence you gain - moving across the world to another country, with a different culture, and making new friends and creating a new life for yourself is the coolest feeling!"

Jessica Vidmark, Medical Engineering

"There are student organizations for everything at UIUC and the student engagement is exuberant. I joined Illinois Business Consulting (IBC), the premier student fee-based consulting organization in the US. By being involved in IBC I gained a lot of new experiences and met great people."

Beatrice Rönnlund, Industrial Engineering and Management

"UIUC offers a wide range of activities, everything from inspiring courses with pedagogical professors to sporting events. I experienced a real American student life at UIUC. At UIUC, I came in touch with students from all around the world (including Americans) and I still have contacts with them."

Arsham Afshari, Industrial Engineering and Management

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