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Public engagements

In addition to education and research, the partnership between KTH and Illinois extends to areas of public engagements. Two key projects taking this angle include sustainable public housing in Illinois and an Inspire philanthropic initiative in Africa in areas of agriculture, global health, ICT, energy and water.

The Million Program

Through the coordination of Kate Brown of the Building Research Council at Illinois, and Amy Rader Olsson of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Architecture and the Built Environment, Research Cluster for Urban Sustainability, an Illinois delegation visited Stockholm and the Malmö region in the south of Sweden to evaluate issues coupled to renovation of social housing and also to explore recent innovative examples of creating sustainable multifamily communities.

Africa Initiative

The main goal at this point is to exploit and expand the existing KTH/SGWI international research projects in eastern Africa in order to improve the health communities and the environment in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya. The faculties at KTH have already established several joint research activities with eastern African regions in various fields to meet the faculties from Illinois who have similar interests to make a joint effort in further improving the health and environment in east African regions.
KTH/SGWI  are benchmarking common research interests in water treatment, waste remediation and health.

UI Executive Summary (pdf 54 kB)


The goal of the study is to use a Systems Geobiology approach to quantitatively determine the identity and life styles of microbes inhabiting Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. The research is based on a comprehensive application of comparative “omics” techniques (proteomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, secretome analyses) that will be integrated with analyses of environmental metagenomics, aqueous chemistry, geology and hydrology. This will permit the first direct identification of thermophile (heat loving) metabolic plasticity as an adaptive response to rapid environmental changes.

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