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Slack on schools at KTH

More and more schools at KTH are starting to use KTH . On these pages you will find general information for using slack in your school and more direct information to some of the schools using slack.

General FAQ for new users at KTH schools.

I'm a beginner. How do I start using KTH Slack?

  1.   Installation and login for KTH Slack
  2.   Get started with KTH Slack

I am already using KTH Slack. What do I need to do?

Make sure you log in with your KTH account.

I feel stressed. How often do I have to check slack?

Talk to your colleagues and nearest manager to set up expectations.
For big social channels, have an open mindset. It's like joining someone's coffee break; sometimes you have to accept to miss out on parts of the conversation. You can also schedule and configure your notifications, you can read more about it on Get started with KTH Slack .

Do I have to download both the desktop version and the app?

It's up to you, but many find it handy to have both installed.

My students don't have access to KTH workplace. Why?

Students are not allowed to join KTH workplace due to our rules and regulations as an authority, where they apply somewhat different when you are a student compared to when you are an employee. 

What is my responsibility if I invite someone from outside to join KTH workplace?

If you invite a guest outside KTH to a channel, the content in your channel will be counted as a public document. Be sure to follow the rules and recommendations .

I don't want info in my channel to disappear after 90 days. What can I do?

The easy way out is to copy-and-paste the information into a document. For a more robust way to archive information, please contact  for further information on available solutions.

What kind of Slack statistics is available?

All KTH Slack users can find statistics here

In what different ways can I communicate in Slack?

You can find more information on about understanding your actions in Slack .

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Last changed: Sep 28, 2022