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EECS Slack information

The material about Slack and how it is used will be updated continuously.

Slack at EECS

Why Slack?

EECS school management has decided to introduce Slack to the entire school from 16 June 2021 to 1 June 2022. The purpose is to create a channel for the entire school that enables target group-adapted dialogue between employees and that facilitates sending quick information from the school management to employees. For more background, read the interview with the EECS Head of School .

Your overall responsibility

Follow KTH's rules and recommendations.

The school will be part of KTH Workspace. You who use EECS Slack must therefore follow the same rules as IT has on the intranet and which are about: KTH's values, KTH's code of conduct, KTH's rules for data disposal in Slack and naming rules for channels. To the pages with .

Tonality and treatment

If you feel that dialogue is not ok in tone in a Slack thread, contact the nearest manager or EECS HR.

Your responsibility if you invite external users

If external users are invited (students cannot be invited), all material they can reach (in the channel (s) they are invited to) is considered public. This can mean that everything can be requested and all users in the channel, and in particular the channel creator, must be aware of this.

Accounts for external users must be ordered via the IT department and you do this via the page about access to Slack. The recommendation is that external guests are only given access to a single channel.

IT recommends that the channels that have external users be clearly indicated already in the channel name so that all users are aware of the conditions for communication. Read more on the page about naming cinnamon in Slack for external users.

Your responsibility if you also use other Slack work surfaces

If you as an employee have another Slack workplace (free or paid), it is your responsibility to comply with KTH's regulatory requirements and laws. If students or external users are in those channels, all material they can reach (in the channel / channels they are invited to) is to be considered public. This can mean that everything can be requested.

The responsibility of the channel creator

If a channel is closed / private, only existing members of the channel can invite new members. In other respects, it is the employees themselves who have to join open channels.

​​​​IT's responsibilities

The IT department provides technical support via  for all open channels. For ordering of slack please contact your service center.

Responsibility for business support

The business support is supported by ordering an account for new EECS employees who do not join after 16 June. They support deleting accounts when employees leave KTH and have a dialogue with IT and produce statistics and evaluation of the tool for management

Common practice

Naming and language

An open channel should always start with eecs-xxxxx, for example eecs-communication-support. Use English or Swedish for channel names and open chats.

Employees who create closed channels are also encouraged to use eecs-xxxxx. As administrators, IT cannot see school affiliation in general on closed channels. Read more about channel names in Slack.


Slack- Canvas- Zoom

Slack is used for dialogue and as a work tool between employees. Slack is like a digital variant of oral communication, rather than another e-mail service.

Zoom is preferred for video calls with many participants. You can easily start Zoom directly from Slack by typing "/ zoom" in the dialog or channel with which you want to start the Zoom meeting.

Canvas is for education-related communication in dialogue with students.

Slack label

Follow the recommendations from Slack and we will help create a pleasant and organized collaboration area. Collaborate with kindness

Proposals for managers and center managers

Have a general channel called eecs department abbreviation general where anything can be added. Then create separate channels or # based on need.

Examples of different uses

  • Report illness
  • Before / during conferences
  • Before / during kick-offs
  • Practical info right now - clean the fridge, coffee machine, window cleaner, etc.
  • Dissertation presentations
  • Deadlines
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