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If you want to make your meeting or teaching via Zoom more interactive and be able to ask questions and so on, you can use the Poll function. Read more on how to get started.


  1. Polls are added in advance to a scheduled meeting via the Zoom website. Go to the Meetings tab on Zoom's website (external page)  and click on the name of your upcoming meeting.
    Screenshot Zoom's website, upcoming meeting tab with the meeting called "My meeting" highlighted.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page you just opened up. The poll area is below everything else, including the delete, edit and start buttons. There you'll find the text "You have not created any poll yet" and an Add button. Click Add.
    Screenshot Poll area of Zoom's meeting page with the Add button on the right, highlighted.
     (Note: this option won’t be available if polling isn’t enabled in your Advanced Meeting Settings.)
  3. The Poll pop-up should appear. There you can add a title, make the Poll anonymous and add/edit questions. The questions can be a single choice or a multiple choice question, but you cannot choose which answers that are right or wrong. Once you're done, click Save at the bottom of the pop-up.
    Screenshot Zoom's Poll editing pop-up, with the Save button highlighted.
  4. You can add more than one Poll to your meeting by clicking Add in the poll area again. You will be able to choose which order to use your polls during the meeting.
  5. Once you launch the meeting, you should now be able to use the poll/polls you’ve created via the now visible "Polls" icon.

Polling - In Meeting Use

As a host or co-host of a meeting you reach your Polls by clicking the "Poll" button in the bottom panel. Click the name of the Poll to open a list of available Polls, or click "Launch Poll" at the bottom to launch the currently selected Poll.

Once you launch a Poll you, and only you, will see the results window update in real time and the number of people who have voted. You cannot see who voted, even if the Poll isn't anonymous. You can end the Poll at any time by clicking the "End Poll" button at the bottom of the window.

Screenshot of 2 Poll windows of the same Poll. Left is before launched, right is launched.

Once a Poll has ended you will be able share the results and/or re-launch the same Poll. Re-launching the Poll will delete the previous results.

Screenshot of 2 buttons, "Share Results" and "Re-launch Poll".

Good to know

  • You can get a report of your Polls on Zoom's website (external page) . Anonymous Polls do not save the participants names.
  • You cannot edit a poll that has been launched in a live meeting.
  • You can create new polls for a live meeting from the website.
  • Preconfigured True/False and ABCD generic polls allow more flexibility.
  • Poll will be inactive if you are logged in on several devices

Tip! Polling for Meetings (Zoom Help Center, external page)

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