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File selection and retention policy

KTH uses Code42 to back up the computers in the client platform.
The files are backed up and kept according to a certain pattern.

Files to be backed up

The Code42 client backs up all files on the local hard drive, with some exceptions.

The exceptions are: system files, applications and files that are added to a nobackup folder. No other exceptions for backup are made. This means that even the cache directories for different cloud services (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and the like) are backed up. The reason is that our main goal is to protect our users against data loss, so we want to avoid even the possibility of accidentally excluding important files.

In order to make exceptions anyway, you must explicitly request this from IT support. Contact, type in the "I want to exclude which files / directories are backed up with Code42!". Files you execute will immediately be deleted even from older backups, see - Change the file selection (external link)

As you get control of the exception rules, you will also be responsible for saving the correct files and checking it! The IT department can not recover files that are excluded.

Retention of backed up data

After the computer files are backed up, original and subsequent versions remain in the archive until certain time intervals are met.

  • Every 60 minutes —any new data eligible for backup is sent to the Code42 backup server.
  • For the last seven days (not including the present day) — one unique version from every day is retained.
  • For the last 90 days (excluding the past week) — one unique file from every past day is retained.
  • For the last year (minus the past 90 days) — one unique file from every week is retained.
  • From previous years (but not including last year) — one unique version from the previous month is retained.
  • Any files deleted on the source computer — will not be expunged from the Code42 CrashPlan server until manually executed on the client using the "compact archive" command.

Archive maintenance

Periodically, the Code42 server grooms your archives to verify the integrity of your backups, purge deleted files, and reduce the number of versions according to your retention schedule. During maintenance, backups are paused and restores are unavailable. More information can be found in the Code42 CrashPlan documentation describing archive maintenance.

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