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Changes in KTH Client Backup Code42 Service

This page contains information about the changes regarding the Code 42 client backup service.

Two Upcoming Changes to the Service will Affect all Users (not SciLifeLab)

  1. The service will be discontinued as a standard component in KTH Windows.
  2. Changers to the suppliers' infrastructure will remove the current backup copies after April 30, 2022.

New backups can be made after configuration changes, but older backups will not be accessible.

KTH Client Backup Discontinues in KTH Windows

The IT department has decided that KTH Windows will no longer use KTH Client Backups with Code42. It has previously been a standard component in all mobile client platforms, KTH Windows, KTH Mac and KTH Ubuntu.

In 2018 the IT department implemented use of Code42 as a backup client, to back up user data to cloud-based storage. This to ensure that data could be restored after e.g. hardware failure theft of a computer. The Code42 service has been running as a background service, not noticed by most platform users, except when actively using the client to recover data.

In recent months, the IT department has reviewed the service from an Return on Investment perspective (measuring the cost-to-benifit ratio). In this, we have found that over the period, the cost has been too high to justify the gains.

In addition, the IT department decided in 2021 to implement OneDrive (to replace KTH Box) as the primary cloud storage service used at KTH. This means that OneDrive can now be used at no extra cost to copy parts of the locally saved user data on platform computer using KTH Windows. Note that users are themselves responsible for syncing data to OneDrive, e.g. by saving files in folders that are automatically synced to OneDrive.

For portable computers using the client platforms KTH Mac and KTH Ubuntu, client backups with Code42 will remain a standard service for some time, until we have reviewed the effects and investigated the platforms' capability to use OneDrive.

The KTH Client backup service can still be ordered as a separate service by anyone who wants to continue using the Code42 backup service on a computer with KTH Windows, or on a standalone computer with a so called "self-admin" operating system (not managed by the IT department). This will however be billed separately, not included in the cost for KTH Windows.

This decision applies from May 1, 2022.

Current Backup Copies will be Deleted April 30, 2022

The provider of the Code42 service will implement technical changes to the storage service, affecting all computers using the Code42 backup client.

The most Important Change is that Current Backups will be Removed after April 30.

Any data restoration from previous backups must therefore be done well in advance of April 30, 2022. Keep in mind that file recovery may take time, depending on the amount of data.

If you need assistance in retrieving backups, contact us as soon as possible at .

The IT Department Cannot Recover Backups after April 30, 2022.

All existing backups will be deleted from the supplier's current cloud storage.

This means that new full backups must be made on all computers still using the Code42 client as of May 1, after the new storage service has been activated. After this, incremental backups will be used, just like before.

This may require a lot of data traffic, until the initial backup is done. We recommend using wired network, or WiFi (do not use mobile internet sharing).

How does this Affect the Client Platforms?

KTH Windows

IT will uninstall the Code42 client from your platform computer. If you have installed the client on other devices, you need to uninstall the Code42 client yourself on devices not managed by KTH.

If you still want backup of local data, you will need to order the KTH Client Backup service from the order portal . More information can be found on the page for KTH Klientbackup .


Users do not need to make any changes. IT will uninstall the old client from your computer, and install the new client. You will be automatically activated in the new Code42 service.

KTH Ubuntu

Currently, only laptops use the client. We will contact each user with instructions for how to change clients themselves, or how to give us access to the computer so we can do it for them.

Stand-alone Computers (Self-managed Operating System)

The current Code42 client must be completely uninstalled, then installed with a new configuration to activate it in the new Code42 service. More information will be provided soon.


If you have purchased Code42 as a separate service before and do not want to continue using KTH Client Backup Code42, please cancel the service as described on the page for KTH Klientbackup .

More information

More information on how this will affect you, can be found on the page for Change in the Code42 Service - FAQ .

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