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Changes to KTH Box fall 2017

During fall 2017 we will start a more active administration of the KTH Box service, integrate the service deeper with other IT-systems at KTH and increase its usability. Another goal is to manage the cost of the service and only pay for accounts that actually have access to it.

Changes to the KTH Box fall 2017 step by step

During the fall the service will be integrated more deeply with other IT-systems at KTH in a number of steps.

Step 1 - Integration of profile information

Profile information in Box will be updated continously with information from source systems at KTH, in particular HR and the identity management system UG. This means that names, email addresses and your title will be updated and reflect your KTH profile to the possible extent. If this information needs correction it should be changed at the source, most likely HR. Contact your human resources administrator.

The purposes of this change are:

  • Your information in your Box profile will be kept updated. This increases usability, the information found in Box will be the same as in other systems at KTH. It is also to some degree a requirement by law (PUL).
  • KTH Box will continue to work without further action if you change username at KTH.
  • Email addresses in addtion to your Box user ID ending with will be added and kept updated. In other words; if you have some other preferred email address specified in HR, or a so called primary email address set in UG, these will be added to your profile and maintained automatically. Other email addresses than will not be handled automatically, e.g. sub domains such as, due to rules in
  • As an employee at KTH you will, to the degree Box support it, be able to search and find other users of KTH Box when sharing information etc.

Step 2 - Active management of accounts

In the next step we will introduce active management of accounts in Box. This means that we will actively create profiles in Box for you if you have access to Box according to the established rules, without you having to log in to Box first. At the same time we will remove the account if you no longer have access, details below.

Access to KTH Box has:

  • Anyone employed by KTH or working at KTH under "circumstances similar to employment", as defined by the HR administrative department at KTH, and hence gets the affiliation employee in UG.
  • Anyone using any of the computer workplaces, KTH Windows (WIKS), Mac or Ubuntu, provided by the IT-department at KTH.
  • Some other exceptions by agreement.

The purposes of this change are:

  • You will more easily be able to find and share information with others in Box even if they haven't logged in to Box yet, and vice versa.
  • Support migration to Box in order to replace the home directory, more or less, in the new Windows 10-plattform, currently in development.
  • Prepare for use of groups and common spaces in Box (se below).

Removal of accounts will be a two-step process where your account is first marked as "inactive" for a 60 day grace period when you no longer have access to KTH Box. This means that the accounts is still there but is hidden, so neither the account or any information in it can be found by other users. If you would re-establish your relationship during the grace period the account will be activated again automatically.

If you, as a manager, has a former employee who has had information on their account that you want to get hold of the account can be terminated manually by a Box administrator and the information transferred to some other account during this grace period. Contact IT-support.

After the grace period the account will be removed. Any data in the account will be stored for future access elsewhere for a longer period. Exactly what this time period will be is a subject to change depending on cost. We will keep it at least a year, but you may be able to retrieve the information longer.

Should you re-establish your relationship with KTH and regain access to KTH Box after the grace period you will get a new account in Box. We will in that case be able to restore your information from your old account if the information is still to be found. Contact IT-support.

Step 3 - Common spaces and user groups

In an additional step we intend to enable you to use common spaces in Box not directly associated with an individual.

The purposes of this change are:

  • You will be able to collaborate with others using Box without the risk of disruption when some indvidual looses their access to Box.
  • You will be able to share information to groups of users in Box that are maintained automatically from source systems in the same manner as in, e.g., KTH Windows (WIKS).
  • It will be possible to replace the use of "Projekt" and "Gemensamt" (P: and G:) with spaces in Box. There are a number of reason you may want to do this. E.g. to be able to collaborate more easily with users of Mac or Ubuntu, or external users outside of KTH.

The exact procedure for this is not clear yet, but requesting these spaces will be a similar procedure to the current one for Projekt and Gemensamt.

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