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Login in to KTH Box

KTH Box is a cloud service where employees at KTH can upload and share files and folders. This guide will go through how to log in on KTH Box.

  1.Go to , Or you find a short cut to KTH Box under ”Services” in the Personal Meny.

  2. Select "Continue"

  3. In order to connect to KTH type "KTH" and select “KTH Royal Institute of Technology”

  4. Select ”proceed to login”

  5. Log in with your KTH username and password

  6. Tick the box as shown to connect NORDUnet and KTH login, so that you in the future will automatically be logged in to KTH Box. Confirm choice by selecting “Accept”.

7. Before you start using KTH Box for the firsttime, select "NO" and then "Get Started"

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Last changed: Apr 16, 2021