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Create a file request

With the file request feature in the web interface in OneDrive, you can choose a folder where others can upload files using a link that you send them. People you request files from can only upload files; they can't see the content of the folder, edit, delete, or download files, or even see who else has uploaded files.
This feature is only available in the web interface.

1. Start by creating a folder you want people to upload files to. After that click in the web interface on the 3 dots and chose “Request files”

Type here what kind of files you are requesting? And press “Next”

Copy the link and send it to anyone you want to upload files to the folder. if you know the e-mail address you can also type that directly.

With a file request: 

  • Anyone with the file request link can send you a file; they don't need to have OneDrive. 

  • All the files sent to you are saved in a single folder that you choose. 

  • Every file will have a prefix to help you identify who uploaded it. 

  • If two files with the same name are uploaded, OneDrive will automatically add a number to the name of the second file.  

  • People who respond to your request can only upload files. They can’t view or edit the contents of your OneDrive.

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Last changed: Aug 18, 2021