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FAQ About KTH Box

Questions and Answers about KTH Box

KTH Box migrates to OneDrive with start October 2021

Important information!

As of the 1st october 2021 we will not longer create new Box accounts for employees as we are decomissioning the service in KTH in favor of KTH OneDrive. 

Please use KTH OneDrive for your personal storage and for file collaboration with others. To collaborate with an existing Box user please inform the user that they need to send a shared link to you. 

KTH OneDrive is available to all active students and employees. 

You can read more about the decommissioning of KTH Box and how it affects you by going to the following page, .

Question: What is KTH Box?
Answer: KTH Box is a file synchronizing service that is jointly procured by colleges / universities in Sweden via SUNET. KTH Box allows you to synchronize your personal files between computers, telephones and plates as well as share files with colleagues and external collaborators in a safe manner.

Question: Who can use KTH Box?
Answer: KTH Box will be offered to all employees at the university and everyone who uses the central KTH Windows (WIKS) or KTH Mac client platform that is provided by IT-Department.

Question: Can i order a common or projekt folder on KTH Box?
Answer: As of 2021-09-07, we have turned off the possibility to order an impersonal KTH Box folder as we are in the process of decomissioning Box and will instead offer KTH OneDrive as cloud storage.

Question: How much space do I get on the KTH Box?
Answer: KTH provide unlimited storage space in box.

Question:Can I use KTH Box as a common / project area for the school / department?
Answer: You can use KTH Box to share files between colleagues but we do not recommend it in the current situation that you replace common / project areas with KTH Box. See the next section for what you need to consider shared folders / files.

Question: What happens to the shared folders / files when a user quits and KTH Box account is closed?Answer: Access to shared folders / files will be terminated when the KTH Box account is closed, this is because the information is linked to the user that shared the folder / file.

Question: What is the maximum file size?
Answer. A file may be a maximum of 15 gigabytes. When making use of the web-based service to transfer files larger than 1GB, one should follow this guide Box/ladda-upp-filer-1.362738  (English version will be available soon)

Question: What happens if I upload a file over 15 gigabytes?
Answer: The file will not be synchronized to the KTH Box. You have to see if the file was uploaded on KTH Box as client does not warn of this. If you use KTH Box via the browser you receive a warning that it is not possible.

Question: How many files can I have in my KTH Box account?
Answer: 90,000 files is the maximum limit for the number of files on the KTH Box. We have noticed that when coming up to volumes of 10,000 files, handling of these files becomes impractical. Therefore, we recommend that you have a maximum of 20,000 files on the KTH Box.

Question: Why can I not share a KTH Box-folder with students and non KTH employees with or @ email address?
Answer: KTH Box only allows users with KTH accounts to share folders with each other. Users who are not employed at KTH cannot create a KTH Box account with their or e-mail address and therefore cannot give out access to them. You should share materials via a link instead.

Question: How do I share files to students?
Answer: You do this by sending a link to the file or directory via email to the students. Follow this guide. Share a folder with Students

Question: Why can I not create a free account on the KTH Box with my or @* address?
Answer: You cannot create a free account with or @ *. address, BOX business version only allows KTH employees to create accounts using their e-mail address.

Question: Why do I get access denied when I try to create / log into the KTH Box?
Answer: You get this message because KTH Box only allows users who are employed at KTH to create accounts on their corporate version of the KTH Box

Question:Who do I contact for support of KTH Box for KTH Employees?
Answer: In need of support you should first visit  if they don't help, contact KTH IT Support for assistance.

Question:Which e-mail address will be used for logging in to KTH Box?
Answer: credentials. No other email addresses will be allowed when logging in.

Question:Which email address should I use when inviting other KTH employees to KTH Box?
Answer: As the KTH Box is connected to the account you should send the invitations only to their KTH email, username

Question: What can I save in KTH BOX?
Answer:  You can save information that contains personal data on BOX, for example contains names, last names, home addresses, social security numbers, etc. BOX is a data processor and they have signed a data processing agreement with SUNET and that meets the requirements set around GDPR.

Question: Can I upload classified material on KTH Box?
Answer: KTH has not made ​​its own assessment regarding confidential information, but we apply Chalmers, Linköping and Umeå University's risk and vulnerability evaluation on KTH Box.

Information stored on BOX shall not be classified as classified or protective as the agreements do not provide any protection against the application of the laws of another country and Box cannot agree to remove U.S. law in this regard.

Information regarded worth protecting is:

• Information which is confidential according to OSL (2009:400)

• Information KTH through agreements promised to keep secret

• Information that could lead to patents
• Information in the wrong hands that can cause KTH major financial or operational damage

If you have a separate agreement governing how to handle your information, you must make sure that the party you have the agreements with agree that you may store information on KTH Box.

Question: Who can access my files?
Answer: The files available on KTH Box can be accessed by the ones you shared the files to and by KTH's administrators of the service.

Question: Why KTH Box and not other cloud services like drop box, One Drive or Google Drive?
Answer: KTH Box is the only vendor to have completed all the requirements stipulated in the contract of service, demands centralized user management, SSO, encrypted storage, Privacy, EU model contracts etc…

Question: Will the KTH Box client be installed on KTH Windows (WIKS) platform?
Answer: Yes, KTH Box client can be installed on KTH Windows (WIKS) computers. You can order the installation of the application via KTH IT Support.

Question: Will the KTH Box client be installed on KTH MAC platform?
Answer: Yes, KTH Box client can be installed on a KTH MAC computers. You can order the installation of the application via KTH IT Support.

Question: On which platforms is KTH Box available?
Answer: KTH Box client is available on windows, mac, iOS, and android.

Question: Why is that there is no Linux client?
Answer: Unfortunately, there is no client for KTH Box. Linux users are referred to the web version.

Question: Why can I not edit the files on the KTH Box via services like Google apps, etc.?
Answer: Because KTH does not have agreements with these suppliers regarding PUL (Personal Data Act) we cannot offer integration with those services.

Question: Who is responsible for the files on the KTH Box?
Answer: You as a user of KTH Box are responsible for the information contained in KTH Box.

Question: Does KTH take backups of KTH Box?
Answer: KTH does not take backups of the files on the KTH Box, you, the user are responsible for the files stored on the KTH Box.

Question: What happens when I delete one / several file (s)? Answer: When you delete a file, the file is moved to the Trash. A file that has been deleted and is in the Trash will be deleted automatically after 90 days. More information about how to use the trash bin is available on the following location. “ Managing files and folders ”.

Question: Can fellows, postdoctoral students have access to BOX?
Answer: We count fellows and postdoctoral students as students and they don't qualify for access to KTH Box.

Question: How is KTH Box financed?
Answer: This service is funded centrally by IT-Avdelningen.

Question: Will students have access to the KTH Box?
Answer: Not as this time.

Question: How safe is KTH Box?
Answer: All communication to KTH Box is encrypted with SSL, and any information which is stored at KTH Box is also encrypted.

Question: What happens to the KTH Box account if I change username?
Answer: If you change your username the username of your Box account will be updated accordingly automatically. You may have to login again using the new username.

The information you need when contacting KTH IT Support is the old username and the new username.

Question: How long can I access Box?
Answer: Your access to Box last while you are employed at KTH. The account will be terminated with your employment, see When your KTH Box account is terminated

Question: I no longer have access to the Box but need to get hold of the information that was on my Box account.
Answer: If the account has not been removed, you can get access to the information only if your former manager agrees to it.

Question: How do i change the owner of a shared folder?
Answer: You can change the ownership of a shared folder by following this Box guide, How do i change the owner of a folder

Question: Can nonpersonal account have a account in KTH Box, for example
Answer:  Nonpersonal account for departments/function adresses can not have an KTH Box account. We only allow personal accounts in KTH Box

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